Have questions for us? Here’s where we hope we can answer them. Email for further information if your answer isn't here.


How hard will the hikes and runs be? I feel out of shape and am nervous about keeping up!

All of our hikes will be doable by all. The activities have been picked based on beautiful locations, interesting views on the trails and exploration. Those who are interested in pushing it further will have opportunities to do additional hikes on their own during free time. We do ask that you have some fitness level and be comfortable running or hiking outside of the gym. 

Will we be hiking in Zion National Park?

We will not be hiking in the main canyon of Zion National Park due to permitting. You won’t miss it though. We have heaps of comparable hikes planned and with no crowds!

What if I don’t want to hike everyday?

Not everyone is going to be up for hiking everyday. On some days we will be doing two a day. All are optional. If you want to stay back and just relax for the day you can stay at the retreat house. We will also have a massage therapist if you would prefer to opt out and get a massage for one of the hikes.

I signed up but I can’t make it. What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately we are budgeting based on the number of people who have signed up. If you are unable to make it we will try to “sell” your spot, but if we can’t we will have to hold 50% of your payment. We can also offer you a credit on a future retreat (there are plans for another in the fall).

What is the lodging like? 

All of the houses are very modern and comfortable. They are 3 to 7 bedroom houses (depending on which retreat you signed up for) the  all near each other in a neighborhood. The reason we opt for small houses is that it allows for better sleep. This will be our 4th retreat and so far everyone has loved this set up. There is one main house for meals and gathering. 

What if there are no more single rooms and I want one?

We have a number of solo rooms available but once they are gone, that’s it. Sorry. Make sure you book early if you want a single room. We decided on the accommodations based on people surveyed saying they wanted the retreat to stay under a certain price point. It’s a tricky dance making price and desire match. If you really would like a single room and there are none left, reach out to us and we can see if we can consider renting another house to accommodate.

What will the food be like?

Healthy and yummy. We will offer gluten-free and vegetarian options for every meal. If you have a very strict diet we would like to ask you to bring food and let us know how we can make sure you have things you need. There is a great health food store in St. George that we can make a run to if needed.

Where do I fly into?

Las Vegas (LVA) or St. George (SGU) airports are the closest to our area. We will have a few shuttles picking everyone up in St. George between 12 and 3pm PST on the first day of the retreat. If you want you can fly in the night before and get your Vegas on, go for it and there is an easy 2 hour shuttle to ride into St. George. Also, you are welcome to rent a car, which will allow you more freedom during the retreat to go do things on your own. Cars usually cost around $100-150 a week or less. We can help you find someone to rent with.

What is the rental shuttle info? 

Look up St. George Express and St. George Shuttle. They are very reasonably priced and often have discounts if you sign up for their newsletter updates. You can get them as low as $19 each way. Book closer to the retreat time for better deals and sign up for their newsletter. If you want to rent a car that can work too. 

Will there be any hidden fees?

Nope. The idea  is you pay, come join us and we take care of the rest. You will want to bring extra money for incidentals like alcohol and souvenirs. We will make a stop at a great store to do this. There is also a great market just down the street that’s got lots of options if you are interested.

What's the cost? 

RETREAT COST$1650 BUNK ROOM (2-4 bunks or twins) per person
$1650 SHARED BED (Queen or King) per person (must come with person sharing with)
$2250 SOLO KING ROOM  and own bathroom per person