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Join Mirna Valerio and Shanti Hodges for 5 days of fun in the desert. We will hike, run, stretch, do yoga, vision board and connect. 

This is our 4th retreat and will be better than ever. All body types, all levels welcome. Our focus is appreciating the landscape and respecting our bodies, not hammering away. We eat good food, drink wine, share stories and breath in the great outdoors. 

We ask that you be able to run at least 3-5 miles on easy to moderate terrain. If you have never hiked before, we will teach you how. Ideally you will have participated in at least one 5K before. If you are unable to do all of the hikes/runs, that's ok! We will have alternative activities as well (foot massages, journaling, meditation). 

Dates: March 7-11, 2022

Arrive in to either St. Geroge (SGU) or Las Vegas (LVA). If you arrive In Las Vegas you will need to grab a local shuttle to St. George (St. George Express or St. George Shuttle). We will be picking up in St. George between 1-5pm on the first day. 

We only have bunk rooms left (9-10-21)

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