$1650 BUNK ROOM (2 bunks or twins) per person

$1650 SHARED BED (Queen or King) per person (must come with person sharing with)
$1800 SOLO QUEEN BEDROOM (Shared Bath)
$2250 SOLO KING ROOM  and own bathroom per person

Hiking My Way Retreats, are women’s adventure based, long weekends in Southern Utah.  The retreats are dedicated to appreciating nature and respecting your body. The theme is set by the spotlight retreat leader and their platform philosophy. The common thread with all of the retreats is that they are based in Southern Utah and participants will have an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing week or long weekend in a beautiful location with numerous trail experiences. 

The week caters toward healthy living, mental strength and personal connection. The goal of this time is for you to relax and enjoy the ride while we take care of all of the planning, cooking and shuttling. 

For most of us day-to-day life means organizing a complicated jigsaw puzzle of people and activities. For this weekend the only goal will be for everyone to have fun. None of the activities are required and plenty of free time to read, meditate, go for solo walks, watch a movie or just sit around and chat with the interesting people around you who have chosen to join the event.

We have a schedule, but the group dynamic and the weather dictates how much of it we complete in a day. Southern Utah can be mixed weather in the spring, so plan to hike or run early if this it’s hot and later if it’s cool.

What do we hope you will get out of this week? 

The intention of this retreat is to create space for you to find your happy hiking place. This means we will submerge you in nature, take away any responsibility to plan and get you out the door and on the trail. Nature is healing and we think spending a few days out there will help you find some calm and inner peace to bring back home into your daily life.

Who is leading everything? 

All of the retreats will be guided by Shanti Hodges and the guest host, but expect other amazing ladies to be part of the mix to help things run smoothly. Every hike and run will offer a beginner and more experienced level and NO ONE EVER GETS LEFT BEHNID


  • Lodging (shared or solo rooms)

  • Amazing meals (3 per day plus snacks! We believe in lots of food!)

  • Van transport to the retreat (from St. George, UT)

  • You can also opt to rent a car from Las Vegas and arrive on your own for more flexibility and the opportunity to go off on your own some.

  • Transportation to the daily hikes and other happenings included!

  • 1-2 hikes/runs per day with group

  • Workshops (writing, vision boarding, layering)

  • Map of area to do additional hikes/runs

  • Yoga sessions

  • Massage (30 minutes)

  • Photographer to shoot amazing images of you to take home! 

  • A goody bag from our sponsors (values can be up to $300 including)